Once In A Blue Moon

(This is a few days later than I had planned to post these photos but I hope you enjoy them anyway!)

I never fully understood what that phrase meant until just a few days ago until anticipating a blue moon and learning what it actually meant.  I knew that I had heard about a blue moon before but I guess I was too young to really care.  The definition of a blue moon is not really about the color, but that two full moons occur in the same month.  This National Geographic article explains it quite well in my opinon.

I’ve become more interested in challenging myself with night-time photography lately and so I thought a full moon shoot might be a good experience for me.  Plus I was really disappointed when I missed both the lunar eclipse in June and the meteor shower in the middle of August due to cloud cover so I wanted another chance to catch something interesting in the night sky, even if it really was just another full moon.

It was quite clear the night before the official full moon and one of my good friends has been dog-sitting at a house in front of the airport, which meant a large expanse of open sky to get photos of the moon.  Plus, the runway lights had been turned on for planes going in and out of the airport so it made quite a nice scene!  The moon was at a hard angle to catch with the light but I did manage to do get a decent shot:

Then last night (the official full moon) hurricane Isaac started bringing clouds in to our area.  I got really disappointed and frustrated as I assumed I would miss another night-time event due to cloud cover and almost gave up.  As the night went on though things started to clear up and by the time I got my camera out to shoot it was fairly clear.  With the humidity in the air and the brightness of a full moon a large halo formed in the sky.  I couldn’t catch all of the halo in one photo due to its size but it was quite amazing to look at and made for a more interesting photo opportunity than I had originally anticipated.

Unfortunately the lights of the runway never came on the second night but it was still worth a few mosquito bites to get a few nice shots of the moon.  I plan to do a little bit of research in order to get better pictures next time and hopefully I can find some more interesting landscapes to catch the moon too.  Hopefully in another few moons I’ll have more to show.  Goodnight moon!