A Small Wedding Post

I came to discover today that it’s been almost two months since my last post!  Things have been a bit busy lately so posting on the blog has been on the back-burner.  I’ll try to post here again more often and since it’s starting to become spring in Michigan hopefully there will be plants budding soon.  (Yay spring!)

A few weeks ago though I had the opportunity to take some photos for some friends after a small quiet wedding.  I was asked to be the photographer for their wedding in October although they decided to get married sooner and have a small open house after a private wedding now with a more formal reception in October instead.  I decided to bring my camera to the open house reception and captured a few photos for them on their actual wedding day to keep.  They’ve kindly allowed me to share some of them with you so here they are:



Congratulations Maria and William!  May you have a blessed life together!



A Wedding Photography Experience: Jonathan and Hannah

About a month ago I was asked to photograph another wedding for two of my friends from college.  I got to know Jonathan through another friend and he was friends with my brother because they were in the same class.  And although I didn’t get to know either of them as well as I would have liked (neither were music or art majors and therefore never in the two buildings that I ‘lived’ in most of the time), I know that they are both amazingly kind and generous people.  For that reason I was honored to get to know them a little better by photographing their wedding and celebrating their special day with them.

Wedding photography is still a bit new to me (this was only my third wedding) but my favorite part of being a photographer is capturing those ‘unexpected’ moments.  I enjoy the photo-journalist approach where photos aren’t posed, but taken in a spontaneous yet artistic way to capture events.  The expressions and emotions captured in someone’s face when they forget about the camera are the things I love to catch and make me smile as I edit.  Things such as the bride and groom holding hands moving from one photography location to another or a quick smile to each other amid nerves during the ceremony, the maid of honor shedding a few tears of joy during the ceremony… the list could go on for a while.

The college was nearby and we had planned to take photos there but opted not to go outside because it was too hot and humid to travel far but we found a few good places around the church to take some photos with good lighting and still got some great shots.  Thanks again Jonathan and Hannah for letting me a part of your special day with you!


A Second Wedding: Eastern Orthodox Style

My second wedding photography experience was with one of my SAI sisters and roommates from our senior year. Kristi is a small but cute and very kind, loving person and I was very honored when she asked me to be the photographer for their wedding as well. With our busy schedules I didn’t get to see Brandon too often because I was off at the music and art buildings or they were studying in the library but from the times I got to see them together I could tell that they were in love.

Although I had a little experience photographing a wedding, this one was different. Brandon and Kristi are part of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and their wedding ceremony is quite a bit different than your standard wedding ceremony. There’s an altar in the middle of the room and everyone stood around the bride and groom. There was lots of chanting, repeating sayings three times (to symbolize The Trinity), circles, crowns, and more. I had been to one other Orthodox wedding as a guest so I remembered most of the procedure, but due to the setup of the ceremony this wedding was more of a challenge to photograph with the movement of the priests and the couple. (Oh, and this time I was photographing on my own!)

Things went well though and the priest was very nice to me about letting me take pictures throughout the whole ceremony (as some churches don’t allow that). The church was UN-air-conditioned though so it was a VERY warm service but everyone made it through without any major problems. One of the things I loved about taking pictures in this church was the amount of iconic imagery. There were bright colored images all over the place (as you’ll see in a couple photos) which gave a lot of color and extra personality to church and the photos taken there. The reception was great too with live folk music and a very joyful, cheery atmosphere. (The kids dancing to the music was also pretty heart-warming and fun.)

Thanks Brandon and Kristi for letting me take part in your special day with you. I wish you two a very blessed marriage and the best in your life in Nebraska!