Spring and Summer

Hello Again!  It’s been quite a while since my last post but I’m hoping to be a little more diligent about taking photos and posting them over the summer, even if they aren’t from a specific project.  As a freelancing graphic designer with two other jobs, unfortunately my design work typically is the last thing on the list (unless I have a specific deadline).

Unfortunately, my most recent work is something I don’t think I will be able to display, but as I took photos for that project I also happen to take a few fun photos for myself.  The project had to do with our local college campus and we have a beautiful arboretum which I happen to go to for photos while some of the trees and flowers were in full bloom.  I’m not much of a gardener and know only a handful of flowers by name but I appreciate their beauty and the variety of colors and patterns which is why I enjoy taking photos of them.  Here are some of the recent photos:



Here are a few photos I took about a month ago in front of the church where I work.  Some of the petals had already begun to fall off and a storm was coming in that night so I knew I needed to take the opportunity before it was gone:

tree collagetree 1

(Bees swarming all over the place although I’m not afraid of bees and they weren’t concerned with me anyway.)

I’m hoping to be out and about now taking more photos especially since the weather has been nice (even if it is hot and humid sometimes) and the days are longer.  I’ve also entertained the idea of taking a picture every day or at least a few times a week and posting the best one or two each week for you guys to keep up my photography skills.  We shall see how that goes.  Until next time!



A Small Wedding Post

I came to discover today that it’s been almost two months since my last post!  Things have been a bit busy lately so posting on the blog has been on the back-burner.  I’ll try to post here again more often and since it’s starting to become spring in Michigan hopefully there will be plants budding soon.  (Yay spring!)

A few weeks ago though I had the opportunity to take some photos for some friends after a small quiet wedding.  I was asked to be the photographer for their wedding in October although they decided to get married sooner and have a small open house after a private wedding now with a more formal reception in October instead.  I decided to bring my camera to the open house reception and captured a few photos for them on their actual wedding day to keep.  They’ve kindly allowed me to share some of them with you so here they are:



Congratulations Maria and William!  May you have a blessed life together!


Winter Wonderland

Winter treeline

I realize my blog has been neglected for a while, though things have simply been quite busy the past few months.  I also haven’t done too much with graphic design or photography lately due to the demands of my other jobs and extra-curricular activities.  Lately I’ve gone for some photo walks around town however which have gotten me out of the house but they have also allowed me to get my camera out again for my own photos.  I had this idea for a while that living in a small town there wasn’t much to photograph but I challenged myself with the snowy change of scenery to find something anyway.  I chose to go out a few times after it had recently stopped snowing and before too many people venture out for the day and disturb the snow.  Here are some of those photo

winterwalk_7wpwinterwalk_wpSnowy StatueSnowy EagleMid-February in Michigan will still hopefully give me another good snowfall or two to venture out for more photos and I will post those if I do!  And perhaps one of these I can wake up early enough for a few winter sunrise photos!


frozen lake

A Family Fun Photoshoot

About a month and a half ago I did some family photos for some friends who used to live in town.  Doug is a pastor and was called to a different church.  We were all sad to see them go though they don’t live too far away so I would occasionally make trips with friends to go visit.  When he and his wife Robyn asked me to do some family pictures for them I was honored and excited.  I loved spending time playing with the kids when they lived in town and have seen them start to grow up from toddlers to young kids, and some from young kids now turning into teens!

I’ve always known the kids to be full of energy and at first they weren’t too thrilled about having formal pictures taken.  Once I started taking pictures and let them take some funny pictures too they were back to the adventurous and energetic kids I used to know.  The first photo in particular makes me laugh out loud every time I see it because it brings out their personalities so well.

funny kids



Things went well after that, especially after the formal pictures were done and they were allowed to change back into their regular clothes.  Before we finished for the day the kids wanted to take some jumping pictures.  Here are a few of those shots:


We had a great time and I stuck around a little longer to chat and catch up with whats going on in my life and theirs.  I hope I can go visit more often to take some more fun pictures and make sure they don’t grow up too fast on me!  Thanks Doug and Robyn for a great family photoshoot!



Colton: A Senior Photoshoot

I had my first senior photoshoot several weeks ago with a family friend named Colton.  I’ve known him for several years and it’s been fun to see him grow up.  When his mom asked me to take the photos I was excited to do so!  Our photo shoot was just before the peak of the season, but we still found some nice colors nearby to work with.  Here are some of the photos:

My favorite part of the shoot was his mother’s special request.  She had two pictures at a park when he was two years old that she wanted to re-create.  I had never been to this park but when we arrived, we discovered that the pictures were deceiving and compared to then and now, the size of bridge was almost comical by comparison.  We had quite a few laughs trying to figure out how small he was or what angle she must have taken the photos in order to make the bridge look so large!

All in all we had quite a bit of fun at this photoshoot.  Thanks again for letting me take your photos Colton!  (Next up on the blog will be a family photography session!)


Great Lakes and Cheese

(If you thought Wisconsin based on the title then you were correct.)  About a month ago I traveled with a friend to visit two of our other close friends who recently moved near Milwaukee.  And even though I’ve lived almost next door to Wisconsin my whole life I believe I’ve only been to Wisconsin once other than passing through to visit family in Minneapolis.  It was quite a fun new adventure for me.

One of my friends is currently going to grad school for pharmacy and showed us around his campus, which happens to be right on Lake Michigan!  Although it was a bit chilly and windy while we were there, the campus was absolutely gorgeous on our bright sunny day. And of course, I love Lake Michigan so it was a perfect day to take photos too!

After a stop downtown at a coffee shop, flowers from a random little boy, and a chocolate shop we decided to find a cheese store where we were able to sample some cheese (and wine!).  I have to say, there is definitely something different about Wisconsin cheese than your regular store-bought cheese.  And it wasn’t just at the cheese store either–we went to an ale house restaurant for dinner and the cheese on the cheeseburger was an explosion of melted cheddar flavor.  All in all, it was a fun weekend getaway to spend with friends.  And another nice mini vacation for me again to help refresh me and my creativeness.  More blog posts of recent projects coming up soon!


Once In A Blue Moon

(This is a few days later than I had planned to post these photos but I hope you enjoy them anyway!)

I never fully understood what that phrase meant until just a few days ago until anticipating a blue moon and learning what it actually meant.  I knew that I had heard about a blue moon before but I guess I was too young to really care.  The definition of a blue moon is not really about the color, but that two full moons occur in the same month.  This National Geographic article explains it quite well in my opinon.

I’ve become more interested in challenging myself with night-time photography lately and so I thought a full moon shoot might be a good experience for me.  Plus I was really disappointed when I missed both the lunar eclipse in June and the meteor shower in the middle of August due to cloud cover so I wanted another chance to catch something interesting in the night sky, even if it really was just another full moon.

It was quite clear the night before the official full moon and one of my good friends has been dog-sitting at a house in front of the airport, which meant a large expanse of open sky to get photos of the moon.  Plus, the runway lights had been turned on for planes going in and out of the airport so it made quite a nice scene!  The moon was at a hard angle to catch with the light but I did manage to do get a decent shot:

Then last night (the official full moon) hurricane Isaac started bringing clouds in to our area.  I got really disappointed and frustrated as I assumed I would miss another night-time event due to cloud cover and almost gave up.  As the night went on though things started to clear up and by the time I got my camera out to shoot it was fairly clear.  With the humidity in the air and the brightness of a full moon a large halo formed in the sky.  I couldn’t catch all of the halo in one photo due to its size but it was quite amazing to look at and made for a more interesting photo opportunity than I had originally anticipated.

Unfortunately the lights of the runway never came on the second night but it was still worth a few mosquito bites to get a few nice shots of the moon.  I plan to do a little bit of research in order to get better pictures next time and hopefully I can find some more interesting landscapes to catch the moon too.  Hopefully in another few moons I’ll have more to show.  Goodnight moon!