Dessert Adventure: Cheesecake!

I PROMISE this won’t always be a food blog… It’s just that everyone has to eat and I enjoy making tasty “projects”.  Besides, there’s something to be said about food as projects because they can be completed in a short(er) amount of time than art-related projects and once they’re finished, they’re finished!  (And then you can eat them and decide whether or not they were successful.  I can be my own food critique!)
This was the first time I’d made cheesecake and fortunately helped a friend who is an expert cheesecake-maker but that was quite a long time ago.  I was thrilled when they still had raspberries at the farmer’s market so I was able to make a raspberry cheesecake with FRESH raspberries!  🙂  I meant to make this recipe earlier in the year while I knew it was still raspberry season, but things got busy and well, it just sort of slipped from my mind.
Although it turned out a little bit soft in the middle, it was still very tasty and for my first cheesecake I’d say it turned out quite well.  I added toppings like whipped cream and chocolate chips to make it even more flavorful and yummy.  (Chocolate was considered for the cheesecake however I had a friend who is allergic to chocolate coming over, and it was an easy addition at the end anyway.)
Next step:  Try different flavors.  The recipe was fairly simple and in researching recipes, I discovered other flavors to try including a PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE recipe!  With fall right around the corner, I can’t wait to try that next!  I’ll let you know when I do!  🙂
(I also tried a new look for some of my pictures.  Let me know what you think!)