Winter Wonderland

Winter treeline

I realize my blog has been neglected for a while, though things have simply been quite busy the past few months.  I also haven’t done too much with graphic design or photography lately due to the demands of my other jobs and extra-curricular activities.  Lately I’ve gone for some photo walks around town however which have gotten me out of the house but they have also allowed me to get my camera out again for my own photos.  I had this idea for a while that living in a small town there wasn’t much to photograph but I challenged myself with the snowy change of scenery to find something anyway.  I chose to go out a few times after it had recently stopped snowing and before too many people venture out for the day and disturb the snow.  Here are some of those photo

winterwalk_7wpwinterwalk_wpSnowy StatueSnowy EagleMid-February in Michigan will still hopefully give me another good snowfall or two to venture out for more photos and I will post those if I do!  And perhaps one of these I can wake up early enough for a few winter sunrise photos!


frozen lake