A Family Fun Photoshoot

About a month and a half ago I did some family photos for some friends who used to live in town.  Doug is a pastor and was called to a different church.  We were all sad to see them go though they don’t live too far away so I would occasionally make trips with friends to go visit.  When he and his wife Robyn asked me to do some family pictures for them I was honored and excited.  I loved spending time playing with the kids when they lived in town and have seen them start to grow up from toddlers to young kids, and some from young kids now turning into teens!

I’ve always known the kids to be full of energy and at first they weren’t too thrilled about having formal pictures taken.  Once I started taking pictures and let them take some funny pictures too they were back to the adventurous and energetic kids I used to know.  The first photo in particular makes me laugh out loud every time I see it because it brings out their personalities so well.

funny kids



Things went well after that, especially after the formal pictures were done and they were allowed to change back into their regular clothes.  Before we finished for the day the kids wanted to take some jumping pictures.  Here are a few of those shots:


We had a great time and I stuck around a little longer to chat and catch up with whats going on in my life and theirs.  I hope I can go visit more often to take some more fun pictures and make sure they don’t grow up too fast on me!  Thanks Doug and Robyn for a great family photoshoot!




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