Colton: A Senior Photoshoot

I had my first senior photoshoot several weeks ago with a family friend named Colton.  I’ve known him for several years and it’s been fun to see him grow up.  When his mom asked me to take the photos I was excited to do so!  Our photo shoot was just before the peak of the season, but we still found some nice colors nearby to work with.  Here are some of the photos:

My favorite part of the shoot was his mother’s special request.  She had two pictures at a park when he was two years old that she wanted to re-create.  I had never been to this park but when we arrived, we discovered that the pictures were deceiving and compared to then and now, the size of bridge was almost comical by comparison.  We had quite a few laughs trying to figure out how small he was or what angle she must have taken the photos in order to make the bridge look so large!

All in all we had quite a bit of fun at this photoshoot.  Thanks again for letting me take your photos Colton!  (Next up on the blog will be a family photography session!)