Great Lakes and Cheese

(If you thought Wisconsin based on the title then you were correct.)  About a month ago I traveled with a friend to visit two of our other close friends who recently moved near Milwaukee.  And even though I’ve lived almost next door to Wisconsin my whole life I believe I’ve only been to Wisconsin once other than passing through to visit family in Minneapolis.  It was quite a fun new adventure for me.

One of my friends is currently going to grad school for pharmacy and showed us around his campus, which happens to be right on Lake Michigan!  Although it was a bit chilly and windy while we were there, the campus was absolutely gorgeous on our bright sunny day. And of course, I love Lake Michigan so it was a perfect day to take photos too!

After a stop downtown at a coffee shop, flowers from a random little boy, and a chocolate shop we decided to find a cheese store where we were able to sample some cheese (and wine!).  I have to say, there is definitely something different about Wisconsin cheese than your regular store-bought cheese.  And it wasn’t just at the cheese store either–we went to an ale house restaurant for dinner and the cheese on the cheeseburger was an explosion of melted cheddar flavor.  All in all, it was a fun weekend getaway to spend with friends.  And another nice mini vacation for me again to help refresh me and my creativeness.  More blog posts of recent projects coming up soon!