Product Photography: Dane’s Pure

This week I got the opportunity to do some product shots for my cousin’s natural sweetener product line called Dane’s Pure.  They started out with maple syrup and that continues to be their main product, but they’ve expanded to honey & molasses and plan to add more in the future (maple candies, sorghum syrup, etc.).  They haven’t had photos taken for the finished products in a while and needed some to get their website ready as well so I was more than happy to help them out!  Here’s a few photos from the shoot:

If you’re local and looking for some good natural maple syrup and honey you can find some at one of the several stores that offer their products.  Their website is still under construction but the stores are listed on their Facebook page here.  And believe me, if you’ve only tried store-bought honey or maple syrup, you’re missing out!  Natural maple syrup and honey have more flavor and sweetness than the store brands anyway.  Even if you don’t live around here, go try some of your local products today!



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