Adventures of an Angry Bird: Part 1

When my brother left for Europe this summer and we were helping him pack/clean his apartment, he threw a plush Angry Bird toy at me.  “You can have it.  I got it out of a claw game last week.”  I really enjoy Angry Birds and probably would have bought one if I could justify it, but receiving one from my brother made it a little more special.

My brother is only about a year and a half younger than me, so we grew up doing the same things and having quite a few of the same friends.  Even though we’ve been living in different cities for almost a year it was really hard for me to see him go because I knew that I wouldn’t just be able to drive up to see him on the weekends anymore for a while.

So, when he gave me the Angry Bird I decided to start a photo project–bring the Angry Bird with me when I go someplace and take pictures to send to him.  I’m sure he will be busy enough not to care all that much, but it gives me something to do and hopefully it will bring a smile to his face if (by chance) he gets homesick.  Here are some of the photos I’ve taken so far:

Yes I know this might seem a bit silly and a frivolous task, but (if anyone had any doubt) I do miss my brother.  I know this will probably be the first of many long term trips and we may end up living on opposite ends of the country someday.  But it’s sort of a sentimental way for me to include him while he’s away.  And the summer’s only half over, so I’ll be sure to post another Angry Bird photo series next month!  🙂



A Wedding Photography Experience: Jonathan and Hannah

About a month ago I was asked to photograph another wedding for two of my friends from college.  I got to know Jonathan through another friend and he was friends with my brother because they were in the same class.  And although I didn’t get to know either of them as well as I would have liked (neither were music or art majors and therefore never in the two buildings that I ‘lived’ in most of the time), I know that they are both amazingly kind and generous people.  For that reason I was honored to get to know them a little better by photographing their wedding and celebrating their special day with them.

Wedding photography is still a bit new to me (this was only my third wedding) but my favorite part of being a photographer is capturing those ‘unexpected’ moments.  I enjoy the photo-journalist approach where photos aren’t posed, but taken in a spontaneous yet artistic way to capture events.  The expressions and emotions captured in someone’s face when they forget about the camera are the things I love to catch and make me smile as I edit.  Things such as the bride and groom holding hands moving from one photography location to another or a quick smile to each other amid nerves during the ceremony, the maid of honor shedding a few tears of joy during the ceremony… the list could go on for a while.

The college was nearby and we had planned to take photos there but opted not to go outside because it was too hot and humid to travel far but we found a few good places around the church to take some photos with good lighting and still got some great shots.  Thanks again Jonathan and Hannah for letting me a part of your special day with you!


Product Photography: Dane’s Pure

This week I got the opportunity to do some product shots for my cousin’s natural sweetener product line called Dane’s Pure.  They started out with maple syrup and that continues to be their main product, but they’ve expanded to honey & molasses and plan to add more in the future (maple candies, sorghum syrup, etc.).  They haven’t had photos taken for the finished products in a while and needed some to get their website ready as well so I was more than happy to help them out!  Here’s a few photos from the shoot:

If you’re local and looking for some good natural maple syrup and honey you can find some at one of the several stores that offer their products.  Their website is still under construction but the stores are listed on their Facebook page here.  And believe me, if you’ve only tried store-bought honey or maple syrup, you’re missing out!  Natural maple syrup and honey have more flavor and sweetness than the store brands anyway.  Even if you don’t live around here, go try some of your local products today!


Happy Independence Day!

I don’t have much to say with this blog today, but just to say a thank you to all who have served, are serving, and will serve our country.  Military, fire fighters, policeman, and others who serve our country in so many ways.  Thank you for everything you do.

I’ve been feeling more patriotic this year than I have in past years, possibly because times are different.  Things such as plans and conveniences haven’t been laid out like they have in the past, and with the extreme heat we’ve been having and threats of fires (here and all over the country) it’s made me appreciate the things that I have that I’ve taken for granted in the past.  Also, being able to spend time with friends who I haven’t seen in a while or will be moving out of town soon makes this week more special because I know it probably won’t be quite like this again for a long time.

One of the local community service groups posts flags throughout the city and I think it makes the city look more alive and patriotic.  They’ve done it for a few years now on patriotic holidays and this year I decided to use them as the subject of my photography project and capture a few patriotic images.  Enjoy, and have a great Independence Day!