My New Project: Shooting in Manual Mode

I will admit it: most of the time while I’m doing photography I’m shooting in Aperture mode with Auto-Focus and almost never shoot completely in Manual mode.  For those who don’t really understand what I’m saying, here’s an analogy:  Instead of making the desserts from scratch, I’ve been using the good quality box versions.  Still produces a good result, but would be a little bit better and more satisfying from scratch.  So, my next project is to break that habit by shooting in manual mode for a while.  I will still shoot with what I know for important photoshoots (paid jobs) but for myself I will start learning manual mode.  But I’m ready to take my photography to the next level.

My biggest challenge is not relying on auto-focus because my eyes are not very good.  Even with corrective lenses I still find myself squinting to make sure that I’m focus and getting the clear shot that I want.  (My eyes are REALLY horrible and we’ll just leave it at that.)  However, I suppose the more I practice without auto-focus, the easier it will become for my eyes to recognize it (at least that’s what I’m hoping.)  And actually, so far it seems to be getting a little easier.  Here are some shots from my experiment:

I also just bought a new lens, so there will be more photos from my project later on.  Until next time!



2 thoughts on “My New Project: Shooting in Manual Mode

  1. I’m frustrated that our new digital camera has no old-style view-finder window in addition to the screen. Too often I can’t see the screen well enough with the sun’s glare.

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