Vacation: A Refresher for Inspiration

After recently coming back from vacation and visiting my boyfriend I’ve realized how beneficial a vacation can be especially for a creative mind.  Although I haven’t posted in a while it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on any projects. (In fact, if I were doing nothing I’d probably be posting more!) I’ve been working on two major projects to hopefully finish very soon and it’s just simply been a busy time. Juggling two part-time jobs and freelancing in art can make things pretty busy! Where does all the time go? And with the nature of my jobs, weekends are usually quite busy too so there is little time to relax.

It’s amazing how a little change can re-inspire you and pull you out of a rut. Perhaps some people don’t feel that way, but I know I tend to get burned out after a while if I’m going all the time for months without some sort of vacation.  Living in a small town can only give so much inspiration before you run out of ideas.  Even traveling to the same place over and over may only spark a little inspiration after a while.  But visiting a place that’s 500 miles away and very different from the big cities you’re used to can open up many avenues for inspiration.  The big city pace seemed to keep my mind moving to take in everything I was seeing and file it away in my mind for future inspiration.  Instead of researching on the computer for new ideas, I was able to research in real life.  Instead of blocking out new ideas to make sure I finished the old ones, I was able to allow myself to say ‘do what you want today; take pictures of whatever inspires you.’

This vacation was also nice because I also had time to work on my projects uninterrupted.  My boyfriend had to work while I was in town so while he was gone I worked also.  By clearing out that time from any other commitments or distractions I was able to focus on the task at hand and accomplish more.  I knew I was getting ahead on some things that I may not have had time for at home or enough energy for at the end of the day.  I like to set aside large chunks of time to work on projects but my schedule doesn’t usually allow that, so this break from the other routines really helped to push me further along in my projects than I might have had time for at home in my regular schedule.

So, as I get back in to the swing of things this week I’m thankful to have a slightly less busy schedule (with spring break and Easter). I’ve committed myself to getting these projects accomplished before I do any other projects because I know otherwise they will be put off to work on the new ideas.  I’m hoping to keep that refreshed mentality going to at least finish my other projects and get on to my new, inspired projects.  (Hopefully this means I’ll be posting more new things more often as well!)