A Playdate with Mr. Lincoln

Lincoln lives just down the street from me, and his owner is also member of my church. He’s still got that puppy mentality but full-grown body. He loves having visitors but because of his size and energy he can be a little overwhelming. I love Lincoln because his personality reminds me of my puppy Chief (a black lab) who sadly is not a puppy anymore. He turned 13 just a few weeks ago and has a hard time getting around anymore so he doesn’t play like he used to.

While Lincoln’s owner is on vacation I will sometimes stop by and take Lincoln for a walk.  And just like Chief, Lincoln loves the snow!  With a fresh snow last night I decided to bring my camera and snap a few shots of my enthusiastic playmate.  He wasn’t used to sitting still for the camera at first, but like any dog they’ll learn quickly with a reward. (TREATS!)

I love some of these photos because they really display Lincoln’s personality.  Other than the running photos, almost every photo has a different expression.  And like any retriever, they’re ready to play and greet you with a friendly face as soon as you appear.  I can’t wait for our next play date!



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