An Artist’s Dilemma

I love having pictures to hang on my wall.  However, I hate hanging them.

I finally pulled out the box of framed artwork and posters from when I moved in to this new apartment today.  At first I wasn’t quite sure why it took me so long to get these hung, because I really enjoy some of the pictures I’ve taken.  (Most of my artwork other than the posters are pictures that I’ve photographed.)  I think I also was waiting for inspiration to hit me for where the photos should go.  But yesterday I cleaned and tidied my apartment and saw the box of pictures still sitting there. So, I decided today would be the day.

(pictures from

The only small artwork that isn’t mine are some vintage prints (above) and I thought I’d hang some of those together.  Well, for me trying to hang everything by myself, this was probably a bad idea.  I don’t like to measure because I measure three or four times, step back, and it still looks crooked.  So I used one nail hole that was already there, measure and try to line them up together.  I was close but not close enough for a perfectionist.  So, I tried again… still not quite right.  Posters are ok because only one is framed, and the other I use the command strips and if I don’t line it up quite right it’s easy to carefully peel off and readjust until it’s right.

As I went on, I started getting tired and a little frustrated because the holes already in the wall were not where I would want them to be, or the nail didn’t go in as far as I thought it should, putting prints together they didn’t line up, prints didn’t go together like I wanted, etc.  But I also decided I’m not going to worry myself over getting them just right for now either.  At least they’re up, and while I’m in this apartment (or any apartment that I don’t know how long I plan on living in) I’m not going to fret over getting them perfectly even, or finding the perfect spots.  I don’t entertain many people and the whole apartment is sort of mismatched anyway.  All of my furniture was given to me from different places and are all different colors that don’t exactly “match.”  And very thankful for all of them (I mean, ALL of them were free!)  It saved me a lot of money, but if I were really settling in I probably wouldn’t have picked some of them for a more permanent residence.  Right now I feel like I’m still in the traveler’s stage, in the unknown and waiting for the the next change until I’m allowed to settle somewhere for a while.  So until I get a place I can really call a “home” then I’m content to be a little mismatched.



2 thoughts on “An Artist’s Dilemma

  1. Also, it’s best to save your money for the nice things you want when you do settle down somewhere. Case in point; we still have boxes and boxes of books because we decided to wait for real-wood, beautiful bookshelves. We don’t care quite as much about rugs, though, so we got those at Target. They look great, they’re homey, and they were cheap. House decorating can take a looooooong time…we haven’t even been married a year, and our house is still far from “decorated”. Candles, blankets, rugs, and flowers can go a long way toward making a house homey though…and homey is what really matters, anyway. 🙂

  2. had to check out this post after you mentioned it yesterday. i know the feeling all too well and have to admit that i once longed for new, nice, matched, “grown-up” furniture and furnishings until i realized at long last that “mismatched” IS my style!! and now i really embrace it!!! eclectic is good. to make all of my mismatched and hand-me-down things “blend”, i have re-upholstered a couch myself, slip-covered a chair, and a friend told me just last week that satin latex paint can be rolled onto upholstered furniture in several coats to re-color it (i guess it comes out as sort of a soft suede leather texture)! i can’t wait to try it!! as for pictures and prints on the walls, i long ago gave up on symmetry and have embraced “collage”! i still have a habit of looking at a picture and “knowing” it’s a little off center, but in an odd way, i think that the off-centeredness actually gets me looking at my pictures more often than if i knew they were all perfectly hung. as Heidi said above, “homey is what really matters”. as long as your place (wherever it is, for as long as that is) makes you want to come home to it and feels like the best place in the world to relax and re-energize at the end of a long day, that’s perfection.

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