Three Sisters

I’ve known these girls since they were born. And even though we’ve lived close and gotten together for family gatherings, I didn’t really spend a lot of time with these girls. So, just having their mom (my cousin) and the girls on a photoshoot was a great chance to have a little fun together.

Like most people, I think the girls were a little camera shy at first, but then we really got some great photos as they got more comfortable and personalities started to shine.  I think this time I even noticed an improvement in my portrait skills and just simply being in charge of the shoot.  (Maybe I’m finally starting to get the hang of this stuff!)I had a great time at the photo shoot and it was great to go back through these photos and smile at each one as their beautiful faces stared back at me, or the funny poses and accidental goofy shots.  I can’t wait until my next photo opportunity with them!



New Year, New Routine

I personally believe that we all have new year’s resolutions whether or not we recognize them. We all look back at the past year and make new decisions or changes based on things we want to change for the future.  I’ve certainly made a few resolutions for the new year, in many different things.  And many of them are small resolutions or adjustments to the way I work so that I can keep them going.  Small changes are much better and easier to keep than a huge change in routine.  They’re not necessarily ‘new year’ resolutions either, but just resolutions that happen to occur around the new year because I’ve had a break to catch up, re-evaluate things, and a chance to make some changes in my routine so that there’s some flexibility while I’m not stuck in the same routine trying and attempting to do things differently.  Here’s a handful of them:

  • Get up when the alarm goes off (and not hit snooze for the next 30 minutes!)
  • Allow myself some time to myself each day so I don’t get stressed.  Especially with moving, the holidays, and LOTS of deadlines I started getting way too worked up about and stressed about getting things done and didn’t enjoy doing some of my work as much as I should have.  Setting time apart for myself to unwind each day and not get caught up in things should help with that.
  • Make more time for reading my Bible & prayer
  • Limit my time on facebook!
  • Set certain times for working on photography/graphic design-related items and STICK TO IT!  My art career is more of an “on the side” career but I never really made time to keep it going as a ‘career’ so I plan to actually make time to get things accomplished this year instead of doing it when I feel like it.  Sure, there is something to be said about getting more accomplished when you’re feeling more awake, more inspired, etc. but setting a time for it will help me get it done sooner.  This will also help me get projects done faster!  (Coming soon- new branding design, new logos, and new design book!)

Those are just a few of my ‘resolutions.’  Some of the things that I’ve used that I would recommend for other people trying to reorganize are Evernote and the 99% blog.  Evernote is a computer software program that lets you sync notes from computer to computer or other devices (smartphones, iPads, etc.)  It’s really helped me especially with checklists and to-do lists and jotting down thoughts so I have them wherever I need them.  The 99% blog (by is an organizational blog that helps you organizational skills, how to be more productive in your work, etc.  I’d definitely recommend it as a resource when you’re feeling stuck or like you need some help feeling more motivated.  (No, I’m not getting any benefit from endorsing them but I do feel like they have really helped so I want to recommend them to you.)

For some things I’m a creature of habit, but I also enjoy variety and change, so evaluating myself and figuring out how to make myself improve is a good and healthy exercise for me.  (Who doesn’t like to feel accomplished?)  I don’t know what the next year holds but I’m hoping to be prepared enough for it so that I can take on whatever comes my way.  So, here’s to hoping that everyone has a happy, productive, and blessed New Year!


Happy New Year