Christmastime: A Whirlwind of Busyness

It’s been over a month since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. (In fact, it’s quite the opposite.) There have been lots of small projects in addition to work, such as printing the directory photos (see, preparing my students for a recital, and the big one: moving. We actually ended up moving on Thanksgiving Day and the rest of the weekend simply because there were more people around to help.

But now the photos are being handed out, the violin recital is over, and Christmas is nearly here! Things are still busy enough to keep me from fully unpacking my apartment, but it gives me a little more time to slow down and really remember what the season is about and why we celebrate the season: Christ, and his gift to us through his birth–not just something you can buy at the store or on

In one of my whirlwinds of busy days I was teaching violin lessons and one of my students was ready for the recital.  She is still sort of a beginner but was advanced enough to start playing some Christmas carols that weren’t too difficult.  When I asked her if she wanted to learn a Christmas song her eyes widened and she bounced up and down and said “Yes please!”  We pulled out some of the songs that would be suitable for her level (which were quite a few) and she was so excited about so many of them she wasn’t sure which one to choose!  Her enthusiasm made the rest of my day so much brighter and made me feel a little silly for being so upset about trying to get things accomplished and making myself somewhat miserable about it.  That’s not what the season is for.  It’s for rejoicing, and from the holiday we can take a break and spend time with friends and family that we care about.  I think this year it will be more special for me as many of my friends and family are spread out and have moved to other places so the coming together will be more special than before.

So, I have tried not to get caught up in that busyness that leads to Christmas and tried to be aware of that.  I’m finally on a much needed break for a little while (at least from most responsibilities) and I can enjoy the season.  As I get older and more independent I’m also realizing the little things that make so much of a difference (like a wide-eyed child learning Christmas songs) and things that don’t matter so much (like having the “perfect” Christmas presents for everyone).  Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


(PS- I hope to have more posts coming soon!)