The Colors of Fall

(Side note: I had started this blog a little while ago but wanted to try to get more fall photos but since we had our first snow of the year two days ago I don’t believe I’ll be taking anymore fall pictures, and “fall” is running out of time before winter starts.)

Fall is probably my favorite season. I’d always rather be cold than hot, and I enjoy those days where it’s just cool enough for a light jacket and jeans. I also love the colors as the leaves start to turn. My parent’s house is surrounded by large maple trees and so during the fall the bright oranges and yellows reflect off the trees before the leaves fall and cast a beautiful glow in the windows. I also loved raking leaves and making giant leaf piles to jump in, and there were certainly enough leaves to create huge piles to bury yourself in. In fact, raking leaves wasn’t so much of a chore as an activity to prepare you for fun.

I’ve enjoyed searching for great photo opportunities with the fall colors but this year with my busy evening schedule I think I missed some of the best fall colors, but it’s also been an odd year and half the trees are still surprisingly green. By the time I did get to go out most of the “sections” of trees had already lost their leaves that would have been nice to take a picture of or the trees that had already turned were interspersed with many trees that were still green. Nevertheless, I was able to find some nice pictures.

Another day a few weeks later I discovered that the green leaves on my last outing had turned and was able to find some time (in the remaining daylight after work) to scout out some more color. Although the sun was fading fast I went back through one of the places I looked last time to see what the colors looked like after the green trees had turned. I didn’t have much luck with the trees but did find an amazing sunset (and some deer.)

My last chance at fall colors was my recent trip to Nashville. I drove by myself and was surprised how much color was still hanging on south of Indianapolis. Unfortunately, because I was driving and not really adventurous enough to get off the freeway (and spent the whole day driving anyway with few stops) I don’t have very many pictures to account for the lovely fall colors I saw, but I can tell you it was beautiful. To my amazement some of the pine tree needles were a blazing bright red (though I don’t know why) but it made for an even more colorful scene. I think much of my amazement was due to the fact that the “fall colors” were mostly dark reds, burnt oranges, and very rarely any of the bright yellows I was used to seeing from the maple trees in Michigan.

Although I couldn’t take pictures during the most beautiful part of the trip, I would highly recommend trying to take a trip around this time of year because even though I’m used to the fall colors, it’s really amazing to see them in a place you’ve never seen them before. I did take a few pictures at some rest stops which give a small glimpse of the beautiful colors I saw, though I wish that I could have gotten a few more inspiring pictures and that I wasn’t quite so confined to the space of the rest stop on my side of the freeway. (I guess it just means I will have to go back next year to try again!)

The next seasonal pictures will probably involve snow, but that’s ok. I enjoy the snow and although I wasn’t expecting as much snow as we got the other day, I’m looking forward to its return for the winter!