Dessert Adventure: Cheesecake!

I PROMISE this won’t always be a food blog… It’s just that everyone has to eat and I enjoy making tasty “projects”.  Besides, there’s something to be said about food as projects because they can be completed in a short(er) amount of time than art-related projects and once they’re finished, they’re finished!  (And then you can eat them and decide whether or not they were successful.  I can be my own food critique!)
This was the first time I’d made cheesecake and fortunately helped a friend who is an expert cheesecake-maker but that was quite a long time ago.  I was thrilled when they still had raspberries at the farmer’s market so I was able to make a raspberry cheesecake with FRESH raspberries!  🙂  I meant to make this recipe earlier in the year while I knew it was still raspberry season, but things got busy and well, it just sort of slipped from my mind.
Although it turned out a little bit soft in the middle, it was still very tasty and for my first cheesecake I’d say it turned out quite well.  I added toppings like whipped cream and chocolate chips to make it even more flavorful and yummy.  (Chocolate was considered for the cheesecake however I had a friend who is allergic to chocolate coming over, and it was an easy addition at the end anyway.)
Next step:  Try different flavors.  The recipe was fairly simple and in researching recipes, I discovered other flavors to try including a PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE recipe!  With fall right around the corner, I can’t wait to try that next!  I’ll let you know when I do!  🙂
(I also tried a new look for some of my pictures.  Let me know what you think!)

The Next Big Project

I know I haven’t really written in a while, but I’ve been in the process of my next big project. This project is certainly one of the biggest things I’ve ever done (with perhaps the exception of my art show, which sort of spanned my four years of college and preparations most of my senior year.)

The next big project is a photo directory for my church. Right now the focus is all the main directory photos. We set up in the lounge (see above) and last weekend I spent almost ALL weekend taking pictures. Next weekend I finish the photoshoots and will begin edits after that.  I did a similar type of “photoshoot” before but this is certainly different. More people (who are actually paying for their photos) and trying to make sure everyone enjoys their photos.

Things went pretty well I would say, (and much faster during the shoots than I had originally anticipated) although with a directory situation you get A LOT of people who don’t like/don’t want their picture taken.  It can be a little disheartening, but I also realized through this that people are usually just too hard on themselves.  They don’t want to see what they look like.  And while some people have asked for edits such as wrinkles, blemishes, and gray hairs remove I will certainly do some of that, but only to a certain extent.  Others see them as flaws, I see some of it as character and who you are.  I don’t want to edit people until they don’t look like the same person, nor will I.  We are all made different and unique, even if that means a few flaws.  What if those “wrinkles” came from laugh lines?  That you’ve laughed enough in your lifetime to create permanent lines is certainly not something to be ashamed of.

Ok, I will leave my soapbox now, but try not to be so hard on yourselves about the way you look in pictures.  Sure, everyone will have some “unflattering pictures” (especially posed ones) though I found during the shoot that the people who were confident when they came in generally had the best pictures.  I’ll leave you with some of the setup and test-lighting photos from the night before the shoot.  (PS- These are minimal edits–just cropping–but also these are just for fun.)  And thanks to my friend for being my assistant/model for setting things up!

Not all of these are posed quite so nicely.  We also tried to catch each other off-guard when we took the pictures.