A Wedding Photography Experience

Most of my ‘serious’ photography experiences were comprised of photo shoots in still life and a few portrait sessions where the pace is pretty laid back and we can take multiple shots if I don’t like the first one. However, earlier this spring I was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. (Two, actually–the second coming soon!) Josh was a friend from high school (and a very good friend of my brother) and we’ve known Jessica for years too.  The bishop said they were together for six years and were engaged for a few years of that time to save up money and go through their undergraduate studies before getting married.  They asked me to be the photographer for their wedding and I was honored to be asked but also very nervous to be able to do a good job of capturing their special day. I knew that photographing a wedding was a lot of work and a big responsibility but they had confidence in me and I decided to give it a try.

After pestering one of my friends in the wedding photography business for advice (Luna Dulce Photography–she’s awesome!) and doing some of my own research as the day drew near I felt more confident and less nervous.  After getting there the night before and taking some photos during the rehearsal to get accustomed to the scene and studying my notes about what I needed to do, I was ready for the big test of my photography skills.

I started at the bride’s home with her family and friends to get ready and I think the fun casual atmosphere at the home really helped calm some of my own nerves.  They were so kind and nice to include me in things (at the rehearsal too) and made sure I felt like part of the bridal party. The happy casual atmosphere really allowed me to do my thing and simply take pictures.  Then we got to the wedding and I had my true test.  (Those who think taking wedding photos is an easy job have a little bit to learn.)  There’s a lot to capture and remember and fortunately I had a friend with me to help me for my first wedding.  Despite my nerves and insecurities though the day was very fun.  Exhausting, but fun.  I know I’ve said that for other things lately but some of the most fun and rewarding jobs are in fact, exhausting.  It was definitely a great experience for me though and I learned so many valuable things about wedding photography and photography in general.

Thanks once again Josh and Jessica for letting me capture your special day with you.  I had a great time with you and I wish you many blessings in your marriage!


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