New Workspace

My laptop is almost 5 years old now, which is sort of like a dinosaur in computer years. It has served me quite well and is still doing surprisingly well for its age, probably because we added extra memory and ram and such early on because we knew there were big plans for it (lots of pictures and music).  Recently though it has started showing its age more and more. It did overheat one time recently due to lack of proper ventilation on a hot evening and I thought I had sent it to its demise. Fortunately, it’s still running and was ok after that, but I learned my lesson though and bought a new cooling pad to prevent that (or anything worse) from happening again.  I’m hoping to keep it running as long as possible, though it’s showing more signs of slowing down on its processing speeds, a longer start-up time, and the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore. I’ve moved everything important off the hard drive on to external USB drives just in case.

As a graphic designer I became spoiled with the college’s awesome new computer lab and though I don’t know the stats or the cost of each computer, they were certainly top of the line and out of my current price range. Even a new computer with an upgrade of stats at this point would be a little out of my price range. Yet as I do more graphic work, adjusting to doing lots of details on a small screen made it hard for my already poor eyes to see.

So, I made a compromise….

I bought a new desktop monitor instead of purchasing the whole new computer.  The monitor was quite inexpensive due to “Back-to-School” sales and much much cheaper than a whole new computer.  I had also previously decided that I was going to buy a desktop for my next computer, as they work better for graphic design items for several reasons:

A.  Larger Screens– this makes it much easier for me to see details without having to squint at the screen to check the resolution of photos and such (which I’ve been doing a lot of while editing many wedding photos).

B. Colors stay the same– ever noticed how your laptop screen can change colors depending on what angle you’re looking at?  Quite a problem for trying to get just the right color as a graphic designer, and I think some projects have suffered just a little due to that problem.

So, hopefully now this new toy will help my workflow a little bit, or save my eyes and my wallet if nothing else.  I’ve tried it out and already feel that it is helping my eyes.  The workflow between the two screens is a little awkward at this point but not too bad, and certainly doable.  I haven’t tried printing yet but hope that it will be a little more accurate (though there is a noticeable difference between the two screens so I may have to play around a bit later on.)

So, back to work for me so I can hopefully show you more projects soon!




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